Harry and Gemma Lead Year 7 to Victory in Times Table Rockstars Competition

After a hotly contested competition between Year 7 and Year 8, it is our newest cohort of students that clinched the Times Table Rockstars title this academic year – congratulations Year 7!

Times Table Rockstars is a maths competition where you play to see how many sums you can answer in different timeframes to gain points.

Two Year 7 students in particular are worthy of a special mention, having made outstanding score contributions to the Year 7 victory.

Harry (7RW) scored a whopping 60,667 points to be crowned Top Boy, with Gemma (7CB) in close competition with 55,343 points to win the title of Top Girl.

The pair’s effort and contribution to the Year 7 victory cannot be overstated, with the total score from all students amounting to 351,667. Now, if our maths is correct, that’s an outstanding 33% contribution towards the total Year 7 score just between the pair of them!

Harry said:

“I particularly liked the different game modes. There was ‘garage mode’ – where you get as many coins as you can, and ‘studio mode’ – where you try and get the fastest speed possible answering sums.”

He continued:

“It was a good feeling to know I am top boy. There are a lot of students in Year 7 so to be top of the leader board is really nice.”

After being congratulated on her achievement, Gemma commented:

“We studied the times table at my primary school and we used to have competitions with the class next door. So when sir introduced the Times Table Rockstars competition, I thought I should have a go at this one! I’ve always loved maths so I played it whenever I had any free time. It has helped me to improve my speed a lot.”

In addition to certificates being given to the top year group and the top students, there was also an award for the top maths class (07DP), scoring an average points per user of 11,174 – great work!

In Year 8, Felipe was the highest scoring whilst Meredith was the top scoring girl.

Penrice Maths Teacher Mr Stokes finished by saying:

We like the fun, competitive element of Times Table Rockstars. Well done to all of the students that took part in this year’s competition; it was great to see so many pupils involved.