Gymnastics Club – why so popular?

By Abby, Gracie, Emily and Sarah

Will Gymnastics Club go on for AGES?

Today, AGES (Abby, Gracie, Emily, Sarah) have been exploring the reason for the abundance of members in the new gymnastics club.

Through interviewing members of the club, watching how they work together as a team, and observing the progression pupils involved with this extra curriculum activity have made, we have come to a conclusion…

All four of us are currently members of the gymnastics club, and have witnessed first hand what a great help it is for us to improve on our skills. Before joining this club, many students couldn’t do a cartwheel, but our teacher, Miss Shapland, has been very supportive, whether it be to achieve a back tuck or work on forwards rolls. We believe we are right in saying that almost everyone has learnt a new skill since they started this club, or at least improved at old ones.

Evie, year 7, was happy to answer a few of our questions. She thinks that gymnastics club “pushes us to our limits” and that Miss Shapland is “a really good coach”. Evie was kind enough to show us a skill she has learnt on the vault, and you can tell she has really put a lot of effort into learning it. Evie is a keen member of the gymnastics club, and why wouldn’t she be if it’s fun?

At this club all the members are really good friends, and we are a tightly knit community. Nobody feels that will get laughed at if they don’t complete something first time, and most people feel safe to try things they wouldn’t usually. That is what often stops people from achieving things- a lack of self confidence. Here, our teacher makes our feel safe and supported, which is what makes the club such a success. If it wasn’t this way, would there be less people coming?

Finally, we interviewed our coach, Miss Shapland, about how it feels to be teaching us. Luckily, she confirmed that she thoroughly enjoys it! She commented on how it “makes her Tuesdays so much more enjoyable”. AGES -and the rest of the gymnastics club -have agreed that without an amazing teacher to lead us, we wouldn’t be doing any of this at all.

We asked our coach what she thinks the benefits of joining this club are. On the physical side of things, this is obviously an active club, so that contributes to our health. We also had a brief talk with Penrice’s school nurse, where she agreed that Gymnastics is very active. On the other hand, there are emotional benefits to the club -making friends, gaining confidence, and overall having a great time.

As some students may not particularly enjoy school, Gymnastics club is something they can really look forward to. Everyone needs a reason to love school, for whatever it might be, and Gymnastics (or another extra-curricular club) can be that reason.

AGES have come to the conclusion that there isn’t just one reason for gymnastics clubs’ popularity- it’s amazing as a whole! Moreover, we think it mainly comes down to the variety of skills to learn, the opportunities to relax with our friends, and the never ending support of our coach.

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