Guides Uniforms for #Penrice3580

On Thursday 29th June, Head Girl Daisy and Deputy Evie, both members of the St Austell Guides, accepted donations of old uniforms for Penrice Academy’s Project 3580 container.

From January 2017 to the Easter holidays, the community at Penrice Academy worked on a charity project that brought the whole school together.

#Penrice3580, in support of Sierra Leone’s Project 3580, has one aim; to send a shipping container full of books, clothes, toys and medical equipment to Kissi Town in Sierra Leone.

Now, the Guiding community of St Austell has generously donated a huge number of Guide uniforms in the hope that Cornwall can be a part of forming a new Guiding movement in Kissi Town, where the project is based.

Daisy Devlin, Head Girl at Penrice Academy St Austell Guide said: “I am really proud to be a part of this donation to the children of Kissi Town. I love being part of the Guide movement so to think that our corner of the UK will give girls in Sierra Leone the chance to experience it too is truly amazing. Thank you to everyone involved.”

Inspired by the stories of the work the charity was already been doing in Sierra Leone, the Academy Council nominated Project 3580 as the school’s international charity for 2017 and set about planning their ambitious charity events with the aim to raise £10,000 in one year.

Following a Sponsored Fun Run, numerous cake sales, generous donations from the public and a Charity Week culminating in 24 hours of sport by Year 11, the community raised nearly £17,000 in just one term.

During the Easter holidays, three members of staff visited Kissi Town to take word of Penrice Academy’s project, to restock the Medical Centre and to help build classrooms for hundreds of children; one of which has become the ‘Penrice’ classroom. They also met a scout group and saw how popular the movement is for boys.

Now these donations, which will be added to the thousands of items already set to ship out in the summer, will help kick start a Guide group in the camp.

Chris Knipe, Assistant Principal from Penrice Academy who helped lead the project at school, said: “There is now a real, incredibly exciting opportunity for a Guiding group to be set up in Kissi Town. The Scouts are already something young people inspire to be a part of so it’s amazing to think of how the lives of young girls in the camp will change with these donations.”

Watch out for more news of our #Penrice3580 shipping container over the summer.