Global Warming

Young Reporter Jacob shares his thoughts.

Global warming is affecting the whole world. It’s caused by pollution in the air witch is called green gas. Also deforestation affects global warming because when they cut the trees down it releases carbon dioxide which is bad for the air. Also transport can cause it because of the gas that petrol leeks out of the car. I think that more electric cars should be used because it reduces the amount of petrol.

Fact: EPA reports state that thirty-three percent of U.S. emissions come from the transportation of people and goods.


As trash breaks down in landfills, it releases methane and nitrous oxide gases. Approximately eighteen percent of methane gas in the atmosphere comes from waste disposal and treatment. Also all the rubbish that they collect there makes a hole in the ground and puts all the rubbish in the hole and recover it. After a slow progress it starts to mould and it lets out a horrible smell and releases gas.

The problem with global warming is that it can get hotter and melt the ice blocks in the sea which could cause flooding in certain places in the world.

by Jacob

How global warming is affecting marine life

Global warming is the term referring to gradual increase off the temperature on Earth. Global warming can be caused by the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is where the build-up of carbon dioxide and other pollutants can stop the sun’s rays from the leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse effect has been around for ages and kept Earth’s temperature normal but ever since the industrial revolution carbon dioxide emission has risen 260%.

Global warming can effect marine life in numerous ways. One example of this is increased water temperature.  This effects marine life because animals are adapted to their habitats temperature and this being change could cause the fish to die or migrate to a different habitat. The fish migrating would cause food chain disruption by eating other fish’s prey. This would result in other fish’s population decreasing. This would also decrease bio-diversity.  This is called forced migration. Another effect of global warming is increased velocity, unpredictability and frequency of storms. These storms can kill phytoplankton which are a single cell organism and start most food chains meaning if they die the whole ocean will be affected. Most of the world’s carbon dioxide is sequestered into the worlds ocean. This means the ocean would eventually be uninhabitable due to the lowered oxygen content and acidity of the water.