GCSE Results 2022

Penrice Academy’s Exceptional Results Buck the National Trend

The Class of 2022 at Penrice Academy celebrated their results for GCSEs and Level 1 and Level 2 vocational and technical qualifications earlier today (Thursday 25 August 2022).

National GCSE results this year have been calculated to bring grades back towards 2019 levels, resulting in a national drop from 77% Grade 4s in 2021 to 73% Grade 4s in 2022.

However, at Penrice, in both English and Maths, outcomes are higher than in 2021, despite the national drop. 83% of Penrice students successfully achieved a standard pass of Grade 4 or higher in both English and Maths GCSE.

In the other core subject of Science, 92% of students gained at least a standard Pass (Grade 4) in GCSE Science, with 72% gaining 7+ in Physics.

Ms Lucy Gambier
Headteacher of Penrice Academy

“These students have shown remarkable resilience, positivity and commitment over the past five years and are leaving with excellent grades and many positive memories.
We are hugely proud of every one of our students for their hard work and truly remarkable results. We must pay tribute to all the staff at Penrice who have worked relentlessly to support the year group, ensuring that all students achieve their very best results. We must also extend a huge thank you to our parents, carers and wider community who have supported the school and the year groups through all the challenges of recent years.”

Other key subject highlights were found in History and Drama. In History, 44% of Penrice students achieved Grade 7 and above, with 10% achieving the top Grade 9. In BTEC Drama, 80% of Penrice students achieved a Merit or above, with 50% achieving Distinction or Distinction Star.

Mrs Razzell, Head of Year 11, was immensely proud of her entire year group…

Mrs Clare Razzell
Head of Year 11 (2021-22 Academic Year)

“The results students have received today will allow them to be successful in the next steps in their education, whether that be A Levels, Apprenticeships of Level 3 qualifications. We hope that students also take with them many happy memories from their time at Penrice, both in school and out, trips, visits and events, work experience and, of course, the exceptional 2022 Penrice Prom!
I must add a special mention to Gracie and Ellie who have overcome enormous personal challenges over the last 5 years and still finish with grades they should be very pleased with.”


Student Spotlights

Emily – Deputy Head Girl


“Opening my results was very exciting, I was very pleased.

I’m pleased I got all 9s in the subjects I am going on to study next year. It’s really made me feel that I’ve made the right choice in going to study Biology, Chemistry and Geography at CSMS in September.

Being Deputy Head Girl has definitely helped me to boost my confidence. It was great to see the effect I had on the younger year groups, being a positive influence to them and acting as a role model that I would’ve looked up to when I was in Year 7.

I’d like to say a special thank you to my Maths and Science teachers. They always encouraged me to do my best.”

Corben – 9s in Key Future Subjects


Corben is delighted to have secured his place at Callywith next to study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths as A-Levels.

He said:

“I was very excited and very happy when I opened my envelope. I’m particularly delighted with my Biology, Chemistry and Maths results where I got 9s in all of them.

Period 0 [early morning study] and the Exam Success Sessions have been extremely useful. Period 0 was particularly helpful because it got you ready for the start of the day and I studied the subject I was least confident in. These extra hours really helped.”

Will – “Yes! I’ve done it!”


We are super proud of Will who has shown true resilience and determination during his time at Penrice in order to get the grades he needs.

I was not expecting my results – in a good way! I am so proud of myself for getting a 6 in English, and also a 6 in History – that’s my highest grade ever in the subject.

However, my biggest achievement is passing Maths for the first time ever. I wasn’t getting a high enough grade in my Pre-Public Examinations [Mock GCSEs] for Maths, so when I saw my final result today I thought “Yes! I’ve done it!””

Gracie – “I had to check they were actually my results…”


I would have been happy with 5s across the board but I did so much better – I had to check they were actually my results as I didn’t believe it! It’s going to take a while to settle in!

I’m particularly pleased with my English Literature and Language where I got 7s for both. I considered this to be one of my most challenging subjects – I got 5s in my PPEs [mock exams], so I am delighted to score so highly.

A lot of teachers have helped me to progress, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. The afterschool revision areas have also been great as I admit that I can get easily distracted at home! Year 11 has been my best year at Penrice, I’ve really enjoyed it.

Gracie next heads to Callywith College to study A-Levels in Environmental Science, Psychology and Media Studies.

Where next?

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