French and Spanish Theatre

On Monday 3rd December, Years 7, 8 and 9 French students were entranced once again by the fantastic Onatti Theatre Productions, with their play La salle des Énigmes!

Who better to tell you how awesome Onatti Theatre are than our students themselves?

“We really enjoyed watching the french play. The plot was very funny; the two actors had to try to complete an escape room, with the help of students. It was very interactive with the audience and a good opportunity to get students immersed in the French language. Six students volunteered to come on stage and help escape the room with the actors. Although we were not able to understand fully what they were saying, we could understand the plot because of their gestures, facial expressions and body language. All and all we really enjoyed watching the play and would definitely recommend this play to other students. (Joshua J)”

On Tuesday 27th we also welcomed Onatti for their Spanish play El Viejo Saloon.

“There were native Spanish speakers coming into perform for Year 7 and year 8 about the Wild West. The play was about a father and daughter who discovered a telephone. One day they received a call about a contest. The prize was $1000. Unfortunately, Papa and Dolores (the main characters) didn’t have any talent. So they then ran their own contest and they would then submit them into the contest to win the prize. I thoroughly enjoyed the play and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Spanish.” (Joshua H)

“Onatti’s production was called ‘El Viejo Saloon’ – it was about the wild west. Years 7 and 8 got the fantastic opportunity to experience the play. Several students got to go up on stage and play parts in the play – it was hilarious watching our friends preform. Last year I got to watch the play and I was delighted to find out I was going to be watching it again this year and hopefully I will be able to watch it again next year. Watching the Spanish play helps with learning because you get to hear how words are pronounced and get a better idea on the Spanish accent. The play was really funny and I enjoyed watching it and would definitely want to watch it again!” (Eleanor)

“We had a magnificent Spanish play based on a talent show in the wild west. The story was about a father (Papa) and daughter (Delores) who owned a bar in a small town they were robbed and lost money so they wanted to enter the talent show so they could win $100, but there was one problem – their town had no talent! So Delores and papa held their own talent show in their bar and Delores found a dance partner so they entered and a while later they won the talent show and split the money! I personally loved the show and I know many others did, I cant wait to see a different one next year!” (Matilda)