Frankie’s Synchronised Swimming

Last month, Year 10 swimming champion Frankie won gold for her synchronised swimming in Plymouth!

Frankie explains:

“I have been doing Synchronised swimming since I was 6 years old. I just love the feel of the water as it rushes past you, and the way you can do almost anything in the water as long as you try your hardest.

At the competitions we compete against loads of other teams from England; some of the teams we are up against are amazing and usually win the medals (Bristol and Cheltenham).

In the recent competition, we had to do figures and I was up against 3 older girls from Bristol. They were the most amazing swimmers and I was sure I wasn’t going to beat them, however in the end I beat them all by 4 points and got a gold medal!

Next for me is to get my Grade 2 in figures and hopefully I get a silver certificate in that, as that is the hardest level to get. I also hope in the upcoming competition in May that I can get a medal with the senior team.”

Pictured: A selection of Frankie’s medals