eSafety with Pirate FM

Zip it, Block it, Flag it!

On Friday 5th February, Pirate FM parked their high-tech Media Bus at the school ready for a day of workshops with Year 8 students on the subject of eSafety.

Paul from Pirate FM, who ran the workshops, explained: “The eSafety Challenge is something we’re really passionate about at Pirate. We have hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, we work in a digital environment and we really feel it’s our responsibility to help equip young people with knowledge and understanding of the dangers that have come with being ‘online.’

Working in groups, the students began the workshops sharing ideas and experiences of online bullying, privacy issues, ‘hacking’ and ‘stalking’ and how everything you do online, stays online.

Paul highlighted the importance of thinking of your future. He said: “The internet holds a permanent record of your activity. In 10 years’ time, when you’re going for an interview for the job of a lifetime, any silly picture, email address name or comment you make will be available for future employers to make a judgement. And all too frequently it can ruin your chances of getting the job.”

After the discussion, the students were then tasked with creating a radio advert from start to finish, from writing a script and planning to recording and editing, using the Media Bus’ radio equipment and summarising what they’d learned with buzz words and hard facts.

Mr Sutcliffe, Head of Year 8, said: “The students showed an incredible understanding of the dangers but what was more impressive was how they took on the information, processed it and turned it into advice they could share with friends and family. They were confident and they took part with real professionalism – very proud of them today!”

The winning adverts will be chosen by the team back at Pirate HQ in Redruth, and the students involved will be invited to the studios to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour.