Curriculum Enrichment Week 2023 (CEW2023)

We’re super excited to be unveiling our Curriculum Enrichment Week activities and trips for 2023!

What is Curriculum Enrichment Week (CEW)?

Mr Gerald Parry
Maths Teacher and CEW Lead at Penrice Academy

Curriculum Enrichment Week (CEW) takes place during the last week of the academic year in July. The aim of CEW is to provide inclusive opportunities that inspire and engage all students, enabling them to participate in enriching activities that promote skills for life-long learning. It is designed to give students the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, try something new, develop skills and character and make memories that will last a lifetime. More importantly, it is all about friends, fun and finishing the academic year in style!

Year 7 CEW2023 Experience

This year, we’re doing things slightly differently for Year 7 who will all enjoy the same experience over the course of 5 days! The Year 7 itinerary includes woodland walks and activities at Cardinham Woods, roller skating, Flambards and Adrenaline Quarry. This is all before the final day where we have an exciting Year 7 Tutor-Lympics planned! More information can be found in the brochure below:

Year 8 & 9 CEW2023

For Years 8 & 9, CEW2023 runs similar to last July apart from the welcome reintroduction of international trips! We have a total of 13 local activities, 3 UK residentials and 4 overseas residentials for students to choose from. The full brochure can be viewed below. Parents/carers are asked to read through the brochure with their child to find three suitable activities they would like to apply for.

Deadline for applications: Monday 21st November 2022 at 10pm.
A link to the online application form was sent home to parents/carers on 14 November 2022. Students are not permitted to register for activities themselves and must speak to their parent/carer.

Cost of Living Crisis

We fully understand that there is a cost of living crisis at the moment. Curriculum Enrichment Week 2023 has therefore been launched earlier than usual this year to help families pay gradually over a longer period of time.

If you are experiencing any difficulties in meeting the cost of Curriculum Enrichment Week for your child then please do not worry. Simply contact Gerald Parry (CEW Lead) on the email below and we will be in touch. All emails to this address are dealt with under the strictest confidentiality:

Looking for Inspiration? – Take a Look Back at CEW2022

If your child is not sure on which activities to pick, we recommend taking a look back at the most recent Curriculum Enrichment Week. Check out what other students got up to in July 2022 and view a whole host of photos on our CEW2022 blog.