Enriched Learning

Challenge, Opportunity, Self-Belief

High Attaining Students: Enriched Learning

Every child is an integral part of the ethos at Penrice Academy and we want every student to have the opportunity to access excellent education, support and enrichment opportunities to make them life-long learners.  Underpinning this, we want to develop levels of confidence, resilience and life skills.  Our ethos and values represent the building blocks for a successful five years at the school; they enable our students to succeed in both examinations and in developing as young adults with excellent life chances.

A guide to some of the Enrichment Opportunities available for High Attaining Students at Penrice Academy

At Penrice Academy we aim to deliver opportunities of challenging and enriching educational experiences for all learners. We believe the importance of providing a range of learning opportunities to allow students to flourish during their time at the school.

In addition to the learning time spent in the classroom, we consider it necessary to offer further provision that provides our high achieving students with further opportunities of challenge.  This may involve students being stretched beyond their comfort zone, taking measured intellectual risks as well as developing resilience. We want to ensure that students are inspired to learn, not only to maximise educational excellence and levels of aspiration, but also nurture their well-being.

As a school we are committed to organising a range of events to enrich and support students’ learning and development throughout their 5-year journey at Penrice.  We have a range of activities organised by subject specific teaching staff for students to access as well as events offered by universities to inform students of potential learning opportunities Post 16/18.  The enrichment opportunities on offer promote the development of, creative and critical thinking, complex problem solving, raising aspirations and fostering resilience.

Key Stage 3 Enriched Learning Overview

We are keen to build on your child’s successes from Primary school and continue to engage and challenge them through the diverse curriculum offered in Year 7 and also through opportunities after school.  We actively encourage our students to take part in extended learning activities across a variety of subject areas and interests to go beyond the skills and knowledge they are developing inside the classroom. We seek to engage our high band students to get involved in our Penrice Plus programme on a Wednesday day evening after school, as well as joining additional clubs throughout the week.

As part of our enrichment opportunities for Year 8 we want to ensure that we give students the chance to explore carefully their option choices and potential routes into further and higher education.  Opportunities for high band students in Year 8 range from subject specific input, opportunities as part of the Penrice Plus programme, to visits to university campuses to experience life as an undergraduate.

Key Stage 4 Enriched Learning Overview

Year 9 is ultimately the first year of GCSE study at Penrice Academy having made option choices in Year 8.  We are therefore keen to foster the students’ love of learning whilst developing their aspirations Post 16.  Our high band students will be working hard to develop their understand of GCSE content and practise the knowledge and skills required to attain high grades at the end of Year 11.  Subjects will help students on their journey, ensuring they are challenged, supported and have access the link reading to further embed their understanding.

In addition to the support offered across the curriculum, students will also have the opportunity to engage with further and higher educational institutions to help them prepare for their futures.  We are currently involved with the Exeter Scholars programme for some of students in Year 9.

By the time your child enters Year 10, they will be thinking about the opportunities available to them not only Post 16 but also Post 18.  Having developed their skills and knowledge of the curriculum, students will be furthering their critical thinking and problem solving skills to prepare them for their examinations in Year 11.

The Year 10 Enriched Learning programme focuses on the future ‘Beyond Penrice’ giving students the opportunity to explore future study in higher education.

You can find an electronic copy of our Enriched Learning brochure for 2018-2019 below. 

Should you have any questions or if you would like to find out more about our Enriched Learning opportunities this academic year, please contact;

Mrs Claire Gurd – Assistant Principal (cgurd@penrice.org.uk)

Miss Zoe Garrod – High Band Lead Practitioner (zgarrod@penrice.org.uk)