Energy Quest (STEM) Activities Day

The Energy Quest (STEM) activities day was an engaging way of inspiring our Year 8 students to become scientists in their future careers.

In the first session, students were encouraged to look at jobs related to engineering, and were encouraged to think of areas where they could use engineering in relation to careers. They also discussed changes in how we are using energy, and how this could be used in future towns and cities.

In their second session, the students were given the challenge to use their problem solving skills to create a vehicle that could meet set criteria. Students had to alter electric cars to try to make them travel as far as possible or to travel 3m and then stop. This really motivated students to become resilient, independent learners and achieve their goals.

Students commented that the workshop from Mark and Joseph was “awe-inspiring, exciting and made them engage with science in a new way”.

Students also said:

It changed my view on engineering altogether! I know so much more now – Tom

Making the cars was really exciting and learning about different jobs in engineering was really useful for our futures! – Emily

Such interesting lessons. So eye-opening! It really changed my opinion on engineering and really made me think of as the STEM career path as an option for my future. – Katie

Thanks to Harry for taking some fantastic pictures on the day.