Emergency Closure

In the unlikely event of storm damage or bad weather (snow) forcing the Academy to close, the following procedure will be taken:

Closure before Academy begins (ie overnight or before 8am):

  • We will send a text and an email to all parents who have registered their correct information with us.
  • Information will be posted on social media. This will appear on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Any students who reach the Academy will be turned back unless they have no safe place to return to. In the case that they cannot return, parents/carers will be informed and the student looked after.

Closure during the Academy day:

  • We will use the text system for those parents/carers who have registered a valid number with us.
  • Messages will go out on social media (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Students will be sent home if they have a safe place to return to. Any student who cannot return home, will be looked after at the Academy until the parents/carers can be contacted.

We assume most students can make their way home and gain access to a safe, warm place, usually your child’s home or that of a friend or relative, if the Academy closes during the day.