Edie in Year 9 Wins National Young Writers’ Competition

Edie was the first in her home to hear the post clatter through the letterbox and went to collect the scattered array of envelopes that lay on the floor. As she picked up and scanned through the letters, her eyebrows raised with curiosity as there was a standout, bright-teal envelope addressed to her.

‘I never get post’ – Edie thought. What could it be?

She peeled back the seal and opened the mysterious letter. The first instruction on the letter said: “1 – scream loudly!”. Confusion then turned to elation, and indeed a scream, as Edie continued reading to discover that she had been awarded ‘Best in Book’ for the national Young Writers’ Ghost Stories competition!

Edie, who wishes to become a professional author when she is older, said:

“My parents came rushing in when they heard me scream! They were very, very pleased when they saw my smile and I showed them the letter!”

As well as winning ‘Best in Book’, Edie also received a voucher, a certificate, and a complimentary copy of the Young Writers’ Ghost Stories book containing over 150 shortlisted spooky stories that were carefully selected by the judges!

Edie said:

“All of the other stories in the book were phenomenal, so it really was a nice surprise to be notified that I had been judged as ‘Best in Book’!”

“Miss Archer is so happy and full of praise for me. Without her I wouldn’t have known anything about the competition. As well as Miss Archer, a huge thank you must also go to my other English teachers and my family and friends, all who support me.”

Miss Alex Archer
English Teacher at Penrice Academy

“First of all, being published is a fantastic achievement in itself. But being awarded Best in Book just shows how talented and creative Edie is with her writing – that is a really impressive feat to be proud of. We cannot wait to see what she writes in the future!”

Writing supernatural content is a hobby of Edie’s with many of her stories themed around werewolves, vampires and people with mystical powers, mainly aimed at young adults.

Two of Edie’s inspiring authors are Adalyn Grace, author of bestselling gothic fantasy romance Belladonna, and Cassandra Clare, author of The Shadowhunter Chronicles series.

Congratulations Edie on this incredible achievement and, as Miss Archer said, we cannot wait to see what you write in the future!!

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To find out more about how to participate in Young Writers’ competitions, please speak to Mrs Hague located in the Penrice Library. Further information is also available on the official website below.

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