Duke of Edinburgh Training

On Monday 16th November, Year 10 students took part in a training exercise in the gym as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, with the focus of working as a team under adverse conditions.

Run by DofE Co-ordinator Mr de Villiers, the task involved teams creating a ‘tank’ out of gym equipment to defend themselves and each other from an unusual but extreme weather event; soft balls hurled by students on the side-lines. They then had to navigate the course in front of them while focussing on the safety of the team.

The task was designed to test their ability to come together as a team in a dangerous scenario; not just as friends.

Mr de Villiers said: “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expeditions can throw all sorts of challenges at the young people undertaking them. Being able to pull together as a team in what might be difficult circumstances is a big part of the ethos of the expedition section of the Award programme, and this task highlighted the importance of protecting the team around you.”

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