Diversity Workshops

On Friday 15th July we welcomed Rob Phillips from Brook and his colleagues from Diversity Role Models for a series of workshops with Year 9 on sexuality discrimination.

Rob, who is a former trainee teacher from Penrice Academy, said: “This week we’ve been going into schools around Cornwall, talking to students about homophobic bullying and the effects it can have on individuals. Our role models from the LGBT community talk to students about their experiences and this has led to some brilliant questions from students and it’s shown they have a real understanding of the issue of discrimination against the LGBT community.”

Diversity Role Models’ mission is ‘to contribute to a world where all children and young people can live, learn, grow and play safely, regardless of issues relating to sexuality and gender.’

Rob continued: “Bullying does sadly take place but I’m feeling very positive about young people after these workshops – they seem more informed on the subject than ever. We really appreciate the school inviting us in, thank you!”