Discussing PHSE with Bodmin College

On Monday 5th October, a selection of Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 students from Penrice Academy and Bodmin College came together in The Core to discuss the teaching of PHSE at their schools.

The students discussed what had been taught in the past, what was currently being taught and what they believe would be beneficial to students of their age groups to learn about in their PHSE lessons.

PHSE stands Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, and is a planned programme of learning that helps young people develop knowledge, skills and understanding of day to day life. Topics discussed included the handling of sensitive issues, the positives of learning about drug and alcohol abuse and the suggestion the First Aid could be a good addition to the course.

Mrs Stevens, who helped run the meeting between the students, said: “This was a great chance for students from different school communities to discuss an aspect of education that affects all young people and could be of a great benefit to all of them. The hope is that this will be a working party going forward, with students sharing curriculum ideas and CPD (continuing professional development) between the two schools.”

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