Digital Genius

Our Digital Geniuses are group of enthusiastic and approachable students, passionate about using technology to its fullest and enjoy sharing their expertise with others.

The team – formerly known as iPad Geniuses – are instrumental in sharing technical knowledge and expertise with staff and students at Penrice Academy and at other schools in St Austell. This renaming reflects their ever-developing skills across technology; not just with the iPads.

“It is a pleasure to work with such a talented, creative and intelligent group of young people, always full of ideas and enthusiasm for their subject and always keen to help others.” (Mr O’Brien, Lead Teacher for iPads and Digital Learning)

The Genius Team will keep you up to date with Digital Learning at Penrice by writing about what they do, reviewing the latest and greatest apps and showing off some of their skills, ideas and showpieces. You can find examples of their work below or catch up with Genius news here.