Day in the Life: Bailey the School Dog

by Bella and Ava (BBC School Reporters)

06:30  – Today I was rudely woken up at half six! I am not an early bird!  Tiredly, I looked up, saw my mum and instantly started whining because I couldn’t control myself, I needed the loo. Suddenly, I remembered I only get woken early when I go in to school; I couldn’t wait to get to Penrice Academy! I normally wake up at 10am but getting up early is worth it to go into school and see all the students.

06:45  – After I had done my “doggy business,” I was begging my mum to give me some breakfast… I LOVE food but have to eat early on a school day because I can get car sick on the ride in. I let my food digest and chill out for a bit whilst my mummy gets her smaller, more energetic children ready for school!

08:10 – Eventually we drop off my brothers at their small school and head to Penrice. I am glad that journey is over… I will never forget the time I was poorly and thought it was a good idea to play in the goo that came out my mouth! That wasn’t a good day. Unlike today, this is going to be amazing! We get to Penrice School and I am so excited! A student meets me in the car park to walk in with us to mummy’s big classroom. He leads me carefully through all the long corridors; I’d be lost without him. Once we arrive in E3, a huddle of students gather round me and stroke my fur… it feels like a massage!

8:30 – Form time with the big kids; I have a quick nap before my real work starts at 9am! It’s a special day today – the students are raising money for charity so I am joining them for a sponsored walk.”

9:00 – First period, and all the students gather in the hall for a warm-up. Some of the students have arranged to walk with me as I make them feel more confident in big groups. We manage all 3580 steps and I have a chance to explore the school ground.

10:35 – Break time now and there is time for some quick relief before I see if I can scavenge any food off the floor from those messy Year 11s. One of the students knocks on the door to check if I’m in school today… they only stay when I’m here because I make them happy and relaxed.

11.05 – Second lesson is with Year 7 – my favourite! I lay by a student’s table whilst they work. If they get anxious or upset it’s my job to help them find their happy-selves! Apparently it is calming when I’m in the classroom. I was read to by a student who sometimes gets nervous reading to humans. It was a good story and it even had a dog in it!

12:45 – At the usual time, I meet my group of students (Bailey’s gang) who walk me around the school; they are my favourite because they give me lots of attention and feed me crisps and treats!

1.15 – I lay under the desk whilst my mum takes her last lesson! Sometimes when the work is hard and the students get stressed, they come over to give me a stroke. Occasionally, I work with small groups of students to help their confidence and concentration!

3.15 – End of the school day and its meeting time. Once I sat in on a really important meeting but adult conversations can be so boring and I didn’t really understand what was going on so I just laid in the corner and napped.

16:15 – Home time! It’s been an exhausting but brilliant day. I love going into Penrice, spending time with the students and helping them out in class. Being a school dog is such a worthwhile experience and I think every school should have one!