Dancing in Disneyland

Entertainment Reporter Evie catches up with four of our dancers who recently competed in Paris.

Dance is life for these girls. All they want to do is dance, anywhere and everywhere, but placing in a major competition in Disneyland is definitely a highlight. Mia, Bella, Elise and Emmy dance all different genres from hip-hop to ballet and their ambition is to teach others and dance their life away!

These girls met through their passion and obviously have an unbreakable bond. I asked them all about their love for dance and the adrenaline, flow and friendship of the art.

How did you get into dance?

I used to dance in my bedroom until my parents took me to a dance class. I really loved it and my passion for dance just grew from there.

What do you like about dancing?

It’s fun and keeps you fit; it allows you to be incredibly creative and gives a way of escaping. Plus, watching dance is breath-taking and elegant, I love it.

How often do you dance?

We dance every day; it takes a lot of practice and dedication to be successful.

What was it like dancing in Disneyland?

Dancing at Disneyland was extra special; imagine fireworks, the castle and dancing all combined – we had an incredible time. It was unforgettable and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Talking to the girls was a pleasure, you can see their passion for dance right there and I hope they can achieve their goals, and become dance teachers, to help the next generation grow. I wish them all the greatest and hope they never stop dancing, and stay friends’ forever. Thank you for reading about the girls amazing trip you can tell the girls have a gift of friendship, laughter and dance. Have a great time and laugh dance and enjoy yourself forever.