Curriculum Enrichment Week 2016

Curriculum Enrichment Week 2016 was brilliant for staff and students alike, from the activities and the experiences to the weather – it was perfect.

Curriculum Enrichment Week (CEW) is designed to give students the opportunity to learn outside the traditional classroom setting and to try something new or develop your skills in an activity or subject area in which they have an existing interest.

This year they swam and surfed, coded and constructed, built, painted, grown, ridden, walked, ran,  played, created, developed, fished, learnt, practiced and performed.

Whether they were in school, travelling the county or the country or overseas, they gained skills and experiences and made memories with their friends that will last a lifetime. A great way to end their school year.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of it. You can see loads of pictures from CEW 2016 on our Facebook Page and in our Gallery.

Year 7 Real Game

Year 7 spent their first day of CEW taking part in the Real Game. They were assigned a job and, based on the salary and the working hours, they explored what lifestyle they could afford, learning about the cost of everyday living along the way. The Real Game is a series of classroom-based programmes developed to help students learn more about themselves and both the opportunities and the responsibilities of adult life in a fun and constructive way.

Year 8 Team Building

Year 8 spent their Monday in the gym, the Sports Hall and out in the sun, taking part in Team Building activities with Team PE, including badminton, rowing, cricket and problem solving. Congratulations to Team Par Bay who won the day’s events, presented with chocolates by Mr Knipe at the end of the day.

Year 9 Enterprise Day

On Monday 18th July, Year 9 took part in their Enterprise Day. Tasked with forming a company to promote how Cornish Schools could be run in more energy efficient ways, students got to work coming up with a name, a business and scientific model and preparing to be quizzed by the judging panel. Read more about it here.

Year 7 Real GameYear 8 Team BuildingYear 9 - Enterprise Day






Surf’s Up Week

The weather could not have been better for Surf’s Up Week as Mr Edwards and co took students to the Quicksilver Surf School in Newquay to develop their skills in one of Cornwall’s most popular sports.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Week

Mr Varley and his team headed to Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre for a week of exciting water sports including kayaking at Porthpean, canoeing and coasteering – most of which was in glorious sunshine.

Stable Management Week

Miss Trerise led the hugely popular Stable Management Week again this year, which saw students working closely with ponies and horses, learning all about caring for the animals, their living environment and experiencing riding through the Cornish countryside. They were given 25 real horse shoes as gifts at the end of the week, which they decorated as a memento, and in return gave thank you cards for the staff at Reen Manor.

Kernow Week

Mrs Malcolm led keen explorers across our beautiful county this week sampling the best that Cornwall has to offer – from the famous Flambards to the historic landmarks of Tintagel, Restormal and St Catherine’s. They also made the most of the brilliant sunshine and took on the Fowey Hall Walk. Rumour has it Luke Grantham screamed his head off on the Flambards rides! “It was lovely to walk with friends outside a classroom environment and enjoying the fresh air!” (Jodie, Keely and Chloe)

1 Surfs Up Week 4 Kernow Week 3 Stable Management Week 2 Wet n Wild Week

Enterprise Week

Mrs Hanton worked with a group of entrepreneurial students for Enterprise Week, planning, creating and marketing a project to be featured in the ‘Dragon’s Den’ and taking part in a variety of activities, including the Bubble Couch Challenge, in which they had to work as teams to build a chair out of balloons to support the weight of one team member.

Science Week

Mr Waters and his team of scientists spent their week exploring science and its impact on everyday life. A high was seeing all the students partake in a species count competition in the rock pools of Porthpean, which resulted in some impressive finds (hermit crabs, many shore crabs, blenny’s and rock gobies!) They were also able to relate what they found to biomimicry with the help of Mark’s Ark on the Friday, which allowed students to truly understand the importance of nature, getting up close and personal with snakes of all kinds.

Film and Magazine Week

Mrs Lucas ran a media organisation for the week creating short films, magazine covers, and pieces of music at school, with some touring the school with a camera getting some brilliant photographs.

Creative Arts Week

The Art Department ran four different Weeks this year, which saw students tackling water assault causes and a Flow Rider, exploring photography and art techniques, visiting sites of inspiration such as the Sculpture Park and the beach and getting messing with printmaking.

5 Enterprise Week 8, 9, 10, 11 Creative Arts Week 7 Film and Magazine Week 6 Science Week

Angling Week

Mr Grigg once again hung up his ‘Gone Fishing’ sign and took students to White Acres to experience fishing by rod and reel and pole and float with Mrs Hague. “A fantastic week’s fishing with literally hundreds of fish caught. James Rice has caught loads of fish, and Macady is the new Penrice record holder with a massive common carp of 10.5lb! They have caught Bream, Carp, Roach, Perch and even Gudgeons. All students excellently behaved, and a credit to the school.”

Boat Building Week

Mr Matthews and Mr Watson worked with students to design, build and launch a boat, from scratch. They learnt all about the materials available and the best methods to use before constructing the vessel and sailing from Porthpean Beach on the Friday. Students were joined by Flemming, a German exchange student who stayed with Erik from Year 9 for the week.

Tech Week

Never again find yourself lost at school – as students have created an amazing entire Minecraft World of Penrice Academy. Year 9 students have also taken part in a STEM project Mission to Mars – by programming robots. Ben and Will both commented that it project was “difficult, fun and rewarding.”

Animal Week

Mrs Stephen ran Animal Week, designed for animal lovers of all ages to get up close and personal with some fascinating species. Students travelled to Penzance to see what they could see off the coast, visited stables and experienced wildlife at Feadon Farm. They were also visited by Mark’s Ark and learnt all about – and met in person – Barn Owls, Skunks and a vulture!

12 Angling Week 15 Animal Week 14 Tech Week 13 Boat Building Week

Girls’ Week

Miss Andrews worked with the girls on upcycling vintage clothes, baking, dancing, exploring and getting creative.

Performing Arts Week

Mr Jones and Mr Tew led drama students through rehearsing and performing a showcase, utilising actors, musicians, sound and lighting technicians and stage crew, giving students an invaluable experience of organising a performance in just one week. The final show saw a Chair Duet, a Pokémon inspired piece and dance.

Sustainability Week

A group of Year 7, 8 and 9 students worked with Eden Apprentices to create a brand new garden at Penrice. In just two days, Faith Long and Liam Pearce from Year 7, Matthew Gregory-Smith from Year 8 and Kieran Drury, Rhys Cowie and Emily Tromans from Year 9 transformed a disused space within the Humanities Block into a charming garden they named Little Eden. Read more about it here. Other students visited Eden and the beach to consider environmental issues in Cornwall.

Plymouth Argyle Week

Students took to the fields and Astro with Mr Round and professional coaches from Plymouth Argyle to take part in activities, games and hone their footballing skills. They visited Home Park for a tour and played a World Cup Tournament on the Friday.

Professional Rugby Player Week

Mr Tucker led a week of intense rugby training and discipline, working with the Cornish Pirates on weight training, speed and fitness, playing rugby and culminating in a visit to Swanpool in Falmouth for coasteering activities.

17 Performing Arts Week 16 Girls Week 20 Professional Rugby Player Week 19 Plymouth Argyle WeekSustainability Week with Eden

London, Paris, Ardeche, Les Orres and Barcelona

Over 200 students and staff left the county to travel to the City and abroad, experiencing other cultures, practicing their foreign language skills and taking part in adventure activities.

Our London team tried their hand at journalism at the Guardian HQ, toured the city and saw a show in the West End; those in Paris perused the markets, had a day at Disneyland and climbed the Eiffel Tower; in Les Orres and the Ardeche our adventurers climbed mountains on foot and by bike, went white water rafting and explored the wilderness; and in Barcelona students hit the beach and the pool, sampled shows and explored shops and markets in the sun.

21 London 22 Paris 23 Les Orres 24 Ardeche 25 Barcelona

Work Experience

Year 10 spent their week on Work Experience in Cornwall and across the country. Watch out for more news from Work Experience in September.