Crime and Punishment with Year 8

On Friday 18th March, PC Jay Dorman joined our Year 8 historians for a discussion on crime and punishment through time.

This term, Year 8s have been exploring everything from acts of terrorism (such as the gunpowder plot and the actions of the suffragettes) to ancient crimes such as witchcraft – which are no longer crimes. They’ve looked at attitudes to punishment; from jails which you had to pay to attend, to the Bloody Code in the 1800’s, to Victorian hard labour and transportation. PC Dorman came in to offer some perspective; looking at how our society deals with criminality.

Students were given the chance to read a detailed set of case notes about a man on trial from criminal damage, and acted as magistrates, deciding on the best method of punishment. They were able to recognise how our criminal justice system today serves to rehabilitate criminals and avoid criminality in the first place.

Students greatly enjoyed the hands on approach, and the chance to ask questions about PC Dorman’s career.