Computer Coding Club

Penrice Plus is back! And so is the Media Team’s Sam, who headed straight to Computer Coding Club to find out all about it.

Computer Coding is an important skill to have and one that could take you far in the future.

This week in Penrice plus we got techno with the computer coding group learning about how to create games and websites I spoke to students taking part and they told us why they enjoyed computer coding so much!

“It helps you solve problems and improve on lots of your subjects,” Dillon (Year 8)

“It’s fun as you get to create and make games and gives you a free range of activities”, Billy (Year 7)

“It allows you to be creative and make your own worlds where you can do whatever you want!” Amy (Year 7)

“It helps show you all the different things you can do with a computer,” Andre (Year 8)

Mr Edwards, who runs Computer Coding Club, said: “The computing club is about learning to program and is open to anyone at any stage of their programming ability, from high-end coders to those who want to see what it is all about. We learn how to create 3D games all the way to high-end text based programming languages. There are several courses students can choose from and it is entirely up to them how they proceed with their learning in the club.”

Words and picture: Sam, Media Team (Year 8)