Christiana Rides for #Penrice3580

On Saturday 25th February, Christiana Dean from Year 11 led a Sponsored Horse Ride at the Eden Project in support of our International Charity Project, #Penrice3580.
25022017CK - Sponsored Horse Ride for 3580 - Christiana Dean (3) (533x800)

How long have you been riding?

I’ve been riding horses and showjumping for as long as I can remember, having a family horse at the age of 4, and my own pony at 8. I absolutely love it!

Where did this idea come from?

When Mr. Knipe came into our assembly back in January and told Year 11 all about Project 3580 and the children in Kissi Town that don’t have a well-rounded, easily accessible education like everyone at Penrice does, I immediately started to think what I could do to help.

The community I’ve met and become close to over the years instantly came to mind when thinking of fundraising ideas.

What was the response like to the idea of the horse ride and the charity?

I told a few friends in the community about my idea for a charity event involving as many horse riders as possible, and they were all for it and excited to get involved! The response was very positive and everyone was enthusiastic towards the idea of a charity ride, and curious to find out more about Project 3580, which is the most important thing.

How did you organise such a huge event?

After considering some of the details – including where we would ride, where we would meet, and if people would be interested in doing it, I made a group event page online. I then invited my horse riding friends, and asked them to also invite anyone they thought would be interested.

I then spoke to a Site Team Manager at the Eden Project and they offered one of their larger car parks as a meeting point for the event, which was perfect, as this meant we were near so many bridle paths and forest trails around Eden that we could ride and have moments of cantering to stretch the horses’ legs.

I also ordered in special #Penrice3580 rosettes (a prize used a lot at horse competitions) to give to the riders who took part, which were provided in Sierra Leone colours at a generous discount by Equi Stone Equestrian who were really happy to help.

How many took part on the day?25022017CK - Sponsored Horse Ride for 3580 - Christiana Dean (17) (800x533)

25 riders come together on all kinds of horses and we were supported by loads of friends and family!

The support meant so much – a lot of family members helped out too.  My brother and my uncle were kind enough to follow us on the route to make sure everything ran smoothly, my mum stayed behind at the car park to collect hot pasties for everyone when they got back, and a family friend offered to help lead the ride with me, as she knew the route well! It was a really great day and everyone enjoyed themselves a lot.

How much did you raise?

Overall, we managed to raise £328 to go towards school equipment, clothes, and mosquito nets for children over in Kissi Town in Sierra Leone.  It was an amazing experience to organise an event like this and contribute to such a worthwhile, life changing charity.


“It’s one thing when a whole community comes together to raise thousands for a cause like this, but when students from Penrice are spending their own time arranging fundraising events using their own hobbies, skills and connections – it’s incredibly humbling. I am so proud of what Christiana put together – she changed lives last weekend.” (Mr Knipe)


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