Charity Work

The charities we support as a community mean a lot to us and regular visits to, fundraising for and increased understanding of the work that charities do helps our students develop into empathetic and passionate individuals.

The Academy Council organise the major charity events of the year, which involves the whole school. Each year they come together to choose the charity they want to support as a council. In addition, each year group chooses ‘charity of the year’ and organise individual fundraisers throughout the year, including sponsored silences, walks and cake sales.

In 2017 our Academy Council raised £17,000 to send a shipping container to Sierra Leone. Read all about it here.


The annual charity efforts of our students help support a number of charities:             


Each Year, Year 7 focus on raising money for LEPRA, an international charity for leprosy. In 2014, students raised a staggering £3000 for the charity during a Zumba workout session, celebrating the international charity’s 90th anniversary.

Lepra works with many schools, community groups and churches to raise awareness about the disease and associated prejudice.

“This is a charity that is really important to Year 7 and I am once again very proud of their efforts to really make a difference!” (Mrs Cromey, Head of Year 7)


CHICKS do an incredible job providing respite holidays for children who need a break from home or school life. Children from all over the UK benefit from this, including a huge number from our local area. In fact, throughout the years a large number of students from Penrice Academy have benefitted from a CHICKS holiday.

During their time at CHICKS, young people have the opportunity to take part in countryside activities, such as going to the beach, horse riding, surfing, walking in the woods and many more outdoor moments that we take for granted. They also make friends, spend time with positive adult role models and, most importantly, the freedom to be a child.

“From being a respite leader for two years, I can honestly say this charity has made a HUGE impact on a lot of young people’s lives, confidence and behaviour.” (Miss Seberry, LIC Intervention Coordinator)