Charity Work

The charities we support as a community mean a lot to us. Increasing students’ understanding of the work that charities do helps our pupils develop into empathetic and passionate individuals.

The Academy Council organise the major charity events of the year, which involves the whole school. Each year they come together to choose the charity they want to support as a council.

2021-22 Academic Year Charity Review

The Academy Council chose to support the RNLI.

Our first fundraising event of the school calendar was Christmas Jumper Day which took place on Thursday 9 December. Students were asked to give a financial donation to the RNLI or, alternatively, a food donation to the local food bank.

The first donation to the RNLI was handed over in January 2022 by our Year 7 Academy Council representatives (Dylan and Aoife). A fantastic start to the school’s fundraising efforts and we look forward to continuing this positive momentum throughout 2022.

Past Fundraising Highlight

In 2017, our Academy Council raised £17,000 to send a shipping container to Sierra Leone in the Penrice3580 campaign. You can read the full story using the link below.

Previous Supported Charities

The annual charity efforts of our students have supported a number of charities: