Changing Things: Year 10 RS Speeches

Students in Year 10 Religious Studies have been writing speeches about something they would like to see changed.

Mrs Malcom, RS Teacher, explains: “A lot of our speeches have been about cases of injustice (Saudi Arabian women not being legally able to drive, for example) and others have been about environmental issues. One such speech was written and performed by Alice Avery and Alysia Turk, who chose an issue about micro-beads in facial scrubs.”

“Made of tiny pieces of plastic, microbeads are destructive to marine life and banned in the USA. Pressure is mounting in the UK for David Cameron to impose similar bans. Alice contacted the company Green People Organic about the speech, and the company sent us free samples of their facial scrub, which uses apricot kernel powder to exfoliate skin, as opposed to destructive microbeads. The company promise that nature and science can be in balance – as well as having super smooth skin!”

“I am very proud of Alice for being so proactive and kind to her fellow students in the class. It was a wonderful little surprise for us all. The product looks lovely and I know we are looking forward to using it! Thank you to Alice and Alysia!”