Studying History with the Army

The army have been in during the last two weeks to support our teaching of the new 9-1 GCSE, offering us their expert insight into the topics taught in History. Year 9 students studying Medicine Through Time learnt about battlefield medicine in the First World War. They learnt about the types of injuries caused by… Read more »


Year 10 Study the Mormons

This week Year 10 history took a walk during their lesson to the local Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints  – better known by their nickname the Mormons. Year 10 historians are currently studying the American West – a course which encourages them to reflect on why different people emigrated to, and… Read more »


Crime and Punishment with Year 8

On Friday 18th March, PC Jay Dorman joined our Year 8 historians for a discussion on crime and punishment through time. This term, Year 8s have been exploring everything from acts of terrorism (such as the gunpowder plot and the actions of the suffragettes) to ancient crimes such as witchcraft – which are no longer… Read more »


Your View: The Death Penalty

This report is about people’s views and opinions on the death penalty, something we’ve been learning about in History recently. By Jessica, Maisie and Conor (Year 8) We interviewed a local policeman about his views What do you know about the death penalty? “I know that it was abolished many many years ago. It’s certainly… Read more »


University Lecture for Young Historians

On Friday 8th January, a group of more able history students went to Cornwall College to hear lectures from historians based at Exeter University, a member of the elite Russell Group of universities. Topics included violence in Colonial India, the Irish revolution, St Austell’s history and issues of studying child soldiers in modern conflict. Students… Read more »


Year 10 Historians at Pendennis

Year 10 historians were blessed with a beautiful day to visit the Carrick Roads last week, as this cohort prepare for their controlled assessment tasks which require them to investigate the impact of the First and Second World Wars on the costal defences surrounding the estuary. Allowed to explore the grounds of Pendennis Castle in… Read more »


Year 8 History – First World War

On Friday 11th September Amanda Phipps, a Phd student at Exeter university, came in to observe the teaching of History in Penrice. Amanda, under the supervision of Dr Catriona Pennell who is based at Exeter’s Penryn campus in Cornwall, is studying the use of artistic representations in teaching English school children about the First World… Read more »