Year 8 Make Active Volcanoes

On Tuesday 1st November as part of their module on Volcanoes, Year 8 Geographers were tasked with making a model of an active volcano – showing it erupting in the most impressive way they can. In what is always a hugely popular task combing elements of Food Technology, Science, Art and Geography, students set to… Read more »


Geographers in Charlestown

On Thursday 29th of September,  Mr Buse and  Mr Banfield took our fantastic Year 10 Geographers to Charlestown and Carlyon Bay to investigate the research question: “What has caused the cliff slumping in various locations in the St Austell Bay area?” Mr Buse explains: “We explored the erosional processes around the area and completed various surveys, including landform… Read more »


A Little Piece of Eden

As part of Curriculum Enrichment Week 2016, a group of Year 7, 8 and 9 students worked with Eden Apprentices to create a brand new garden at Penrice. In just two days, Faith Long and Liam Pearce from Year 7, Matthew Gregory-Smith from Year 8 and Kieran Drury, Rhys Cowie and Emily Tromans from Year 9 transformed a… Read more »


Penrice on a Charlestown Film Set!

On Tuesday 3rd May, Year 10 Practical Geography students were met with a surprise when they stumbled across the set of Taboo, a new Georgian period drama currently being filmed in Charlestown. It was perfect timing, as the students are currently researching the reasons why tourism has increased so rapidly in Charlestown, and they could see… Read more »


Year 9 Geographers Build a River

On Thursday 28th April, Year 9 Geographers set to work creating a river in the Forest School – building every possible element, from ox bow lakes, meanders and waterfalls to thinking about the river’s sources and the effects it will have on the landscape. Mr Banfield explains: “Geography is about the world we live in… Read more »


Environment and Sustainability Day

On Wednesday 16 March, Exeter University invited Mr Buse, Mr Round and 10 Year 10 students to an Environment and Sustainability Day at the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) at the Penryn Campus. As well as touring the ESI and viewing the laboratories and research areas up close, students had chance to engage in interactive activities based… Read more »


Investigating Settlements in Geography

Year 7 Geography students have been investigating the physical and human factors that can influence where settlements locate within a region. For homework they had to produce a three dimensional model to show these factors, which include; an area of woodland (for timber); a river (for water); and an area of highland (for a defensive… Read more »


Geography in Charlestown

  On Wednesday, Year 7 Geography students visited Charlestown to investigate the hypothesis: Charlestown is no longer a village for locals but is now a tourist resort. Mr Buse explains: “We explored the historical value of the area and completed land use surveys, mapping of key buildings and even came up with our own ideas of… Read more »


Meet Kea the Orang-Utan

Meet Kea – the newest member of Mr Buse’s Year 10 Geography class. Students over the past few weeks have been raising money to adopt a rainforest animal in order to raise awareness for conservation and the negative impact of deforestation, which they have been learning about in class. Kea is a Sumatran Orang-Utan; unfortunately… Read more »