Our Young Carers

by Sophia What are Young Carers? A Young Carer is a child or teenager who regularly helps someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol. What are the effects on Young Carers?  1 in 3 Young Carers spend between 11-20 hours each week caring for family members… Read more »


World Book Day 2019

This year Young Reporter is fortunate to have fallen around World Book Day. Reporters Lacey and Josh soaked up the excitement around school and interviewed the man that makes it happen, Penrice Academy English teacher and literacy co-ordinater, Mr Johnson. They also roamed the corridors checking out the many colourful, dressed up students, asking them… Read more »


Our Farm

by Thalia and Moses Penrice Academy’s very own Outdoor Learning Environment! On the 1st of March 2019, Penrice Academy’s official opening of the Outdoor Learning Environment took place. It was a superb event situated down on the Farm. The Mayor of St. Austell and the MP Steve Double cut the ribbon to officially launch the… Read more »


Sport at Penrice

Organized, well-structured youth sports and on-going physical activities can provide many benefits for children and adolescents. Positive experiences that sports and an active lifestyle bring, play an important role in a young person’s life. Physical exercise is good for the mind, body and spirit which will help with focusing on school life, Sport includes all… Read more »


Mental Health Awareness

It is a known fact that there are more reports of mental health issues in schools due to increasing pressure on students. Whether a child has a behavioural disorder, is suffering from a long-term disease, or know a family member with an illness, there are always people that can we can turn to. Here at… Read more »


Feature: Space X

SpaceX is designing, manufacturing and launching advanced rockets and space crafts. It was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, the CEO and lead designer of SpaceX. He is also the co-founder, CEO, and product designer of the global car brand Tesla who, on the 1st of July 2003, took the world by storm with its… Read more »


Interview: Stephen Seki

Interview with Stephen Seki, by Emily and Madison. Some information about Stephen Seki: Stephen is an incredibly passionate and engaging speaker with a powerful message. Doing whatever he could to become a pharmacist, Stephen is now committed to teaching and sharing both his story of transitioning from life in a Ugandan village to the many… Read more »


Brexit and You

BBC Young Reporters AJ, Corben and Eleanor ask a big question – what is Brexit and how will it affect you? The definition of Brexit is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. On the 23rd of June 2016 the UK voted whether to leave the European Union. David Cameron (former PM) decided… Read more »


The Outdoor Learning Environment

Penrice Academy Opens a Brand New Farm This spring, staff and students at Penrice Academy are excited to launch the Outdoor Learning Environment – also known as the Penrice Farm, a project that has been a year in the making. The Outdoor Learning Environment offers students the opportunity to learn outside, gain agricultural skills and… Read more »


Safer Internet Day 2019

‘Safer Internet Day: Together for a better internet’ Safer Internet Day 2019 took place this Tuesday 5th February, with the theme of the importance of consent and choice. The theme encourages young people to work together to be positive, safe and respectful online, empowering them to take control of their digital lives and consider how… Read more »

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