Careers Visit to Norland College

On Saturday 20th May, Mrs Stephen (Teacher of Child Development) took a small group of students to Bath to see what it takes to become a Norland Nanny!

Norland College was the first educational establishment to offer any kind of childcare training offering world-renowned exceptional training with 100% of students having jobs within their agency post training – for life! The wages of Norland nannies exceed even the medical profession after just a few years with opportunities to both work in the UK and all over the world.

The small group of Year 10s and 11s learnt what life is like to be a Norland Nanny during and post-training with some very enthusiastic students and alumni sharing their experiences. Students got hands on experiences throughout the day, even having a go at playdough disco!

Summer, a Year 10 student, reported back from the day:

“They were lovely. The atmosphere was so welcoming and all of the staff and students were so sweet and helpful! They were open to discuss anything and helped with everything, they definitely sold it to me”.

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