British Science Week

By Sam, Jack & Alfie (BBC School Reporters)

This week is British Science Week and Penrice Academy has been taking part.

On 15th March, Year 10 visited the Eden Project to learn about the Sherlock Streptococcus, which is a way to find about diseases and how to spot them, such as strep throat and impetigo. The students were given strips of DNA and had to find out which virus they contained.

Science week has been happening all over the UK and there have been events across Cornwall, including at Wheal Martyn, Cornwall Newquay College, the Jubilee Warehouse and St Just Primary school where they found out more about the fun in science.

We visited the Science block to see some practical demonstrations on science.

They did many experiments from exploding tin cans to setting our poor science teacher Mr La Borde alight. One of the science teachers, Miss Morrish, told us that: “The theme this year is change and there are all sorts of science activities going on throughout the school, there is the science tutor group competition and all science lessons have been around change.

Some of the students witnessing the experiments said that: “It was good fun and a good way to promote science.”

One of the experiments they did was setting Mr La Borde’s hand on fire; they did this by putting gas in washing up liquid and scooping up the bubbles and setting it alight, this caused a huge flame to appear on his hand.

Some comments from students:

“Great day at the Eden project had lots of fun at the workshop, it was really engaging.”

“The trip was really educational and lots of fun and enjoyable.”

“I felt that it was very informative, fun and educational during the day.”

“Today’s workshop was both informative and interesting and the staff were both friendly and helpful during the short amount of time we had.”