Brandon’s Silver at Judo Championships

On Saturday 24th October, Brandon from Year 9 travelled 8 hours to the International Judo Championships in Southend – and came away with a Silver Medal.

Brandon works incredibly hard on his Judo, training up to 4 times a week. He said: “I love Judo – I enjoy the skill involved, rather than the physical side that comes with Karate, and the technical parts of the throws and moves.”

At the Championships Brandon had a large number of competitors in his age and weight category – under 46 kilos – all of a good standard, yet Brandon managed to win all his fights, each three minutes long, in the group stages.

“All my competitors were really good and I did struggle at times, but I found it really encouraging each time I won, which spurred me on to the next fight to do even better,” he explained.

His first fight was won in under a minute with an Ippon putting his opponent on his back for a straight points win. The second fight went the distance; a really tough one, which he won with two Waza-ari throws worth 10 points each. His third was again won by Ippon, with only 10 seconds left on the clock.

Having progressed, Brandon had a straight fight for the Silver or Gold with another competitor who had won all their fights in the group stages. He put up a brave effort – taking a break part way through the final due to a nose bleed – but refused to leave the mat and bravely continued. He went on to lose with 15 seconds left on the clock, but left the mat knowing he had put in a fantastic effort and came away with a well-deserved Silver medal.

He said: “I’m really happy with how I did and will now be focussing on training ahead of the next competition, whenever that may be!”