Beyond Penrice: Ross Stembridge

Former Student Ross Snaps Staff for his Portfolio


This Autumn Term, we welcomed back Former Student Ross Stembridge. Ross left Penrice two years ago and is currently studying a Level 3 Photography Diploma at Cornwall College, St Austell. Ross asked if he could return to Penrice to photograph some members of staff, to help add to his portfolio.

How did you get into photography?

My interest in photography really began after school. I had never looked upon it as a career choice despite enjoying it, as I never knew what courses where available until I left school. I discovered that there was actually a fair amount at college and beyond!

Who inspires you?

My main inspiration is Stuart Roy Clarke; his work fascinates me and I always enjoy going back and observing it. He focuses on English football – both the actual match and the fans – and it is definitely something that I would love to do myself.

Who inspired you at Penrice?

No one directly inspired me to do the course I am currently on as unfortunately I hadn’t picked this as an option! However Mr Jackson was always an inspiration for me when it came to English. I always enjoyed English at school and that really took off when I was being taught by Mr Jackson. I also really enjoyed lessons with Mrs Tooley, Mr Hopkins and Mr Pope – their lessons were always a pleasure.

What was your favourite thing about Penrice?

I thought that the teachers had a great balance between both being friendly and professional at the same time – that made life enjoyable for me whilst being there. My favourite lesson was English, I found there wasn’t a right or wrong answer – you have a lot freedom with what you can do and how you can think.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I am hoping to be doing sports photography for either an agency or at a football club. I’ve got high aims so I’m hoping it will spur me on.

What advice would you give to Year 11s leaving next year?

My advice would be the amount of effort you put into your exams will soon become evident on results day – don’t go overboard with revision but everything do will make such a difference. For when you leave school, do what interests you. Following your interests really will make college life enjoyable, if that’s the route you choose.