BBC’s Matt Mentors for School Report

On Thursday 3rd March we welcomed Matt Shepherd from the BBC for the morning to mentor our School Reporters in the run up to next week’s BBC School Report.

This year 30 students have signed up to report the news from Penrice Academy and many have already started writing, planning and interviewing.

Your School Reporters: Georgia, Olivia, Thomas, Sebastian, Sarah Pytel, Gracie, Emily P, Abby, Maisie C, Jasmine, Stephanie, Emily L, Bethany, Aaliyah Cleaves, Emily C, Chelsea, Erin, Jude, Patrick, Bella, Kordelia, Jamie, Ethan, Adam, Jake, Maisie K, Conor, Jess, Oliver, Daisy, Milena and Megan.

Matt, who is a former student and previous Deputy Head Boy at Penrice, said: “I loved it here and I am so happy and proud to see so many young people – who are the age I was when I first become interested in media – sharing so many exciting ideas.”

“This is the 10th year of School Report and every year gets better and better. This year’s Penrice reporters have some amazing plans for the big day – it’s a real privilege to be invited back to Penrice to be a part of it this year and I’m very excited for next week!”

BBC School Report gives young people the opportunity to turn their classrooms into newsrooms and their peers and teachers into interview subjects – creating the news agenda for the day themselves and reporting on the things that matter to them.

Topics to be tackled during next week’s BBC School Report range from the EU Referendum, dementia and the continuous debate on the Death Penalty, to what motives Year 11, charting the rise of Plymouth Argyle and investigating what students love about Gymnastics and Health at Penrice Academy.

Read more about School Report here and watch out for the news, made by our students, next week!