Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, the Penrice Anti-Bullying Team were on a mission to spread word of the support they offer to students who are struggling within friendship groups or think they are the target of bullying.

In pairs, the team went into tutor groups each morning to explain what they do and where and when to find them. Some of the team played the Make a Noise campaign video in relation to Anti-Bullying Week and others got students involved in some role play games. Team Members then met in the LIC each morning to discuss what they were going to include in the next session.

“It’s given them a real confidence boost, which is great as they are so passionate about helping others in situations which they may have previously found themselves in,” explains Miss Seberry. “They’re a great bunch of students with a welcoming and positive attitude.”

“Role models are important in school life and having a group of Year 10 students showing such willingness to put a stop to bullying is just fantastic. Sometimes young people just need to talk. It’s great for students to know a friendly face around the school ready to give support and advice.”

“The children really communicated well with us, especially the Year 7s.”

“At first they were a little shy to come up and help out with a game or ask any questions but after an example they were good as gold!”

“In the Year Seven form I went to we played a drama game called park bench and we put them in a scenario as if they were at a party and myself and Alice stepped in a pretend Alice was being bullied by me to see how they would react and the reactions were very positive as they told me to leave her alone and they really stuck up for her.”

“I think it had quite a positive impact and I really enjoy doing it!”

“I’m looking forward to being able to help out more students and be there for everyone :)”

(The ABS Team)

The ABS Team hold a drop in on Friday break times but individual meetings during other break times throughout the week can be arranged through them, Miss Seberry and Form Tutors.