Academy Council Team Building 2016

On Friday 30th September 2016, our Academy Council for this year spent the day together at BF Adventure near Penryn, working together on problem solving activities and team challenges.

BF Adventure, an adventure park set in an old quarry, offers a host of activities for visiting schools, colleges and organisations over a stunning 60 acre site.

Led by BF Instructors John and Jake, our Academy Council – Mollie, Layton, Bethany, Rachel, Elliot, Evie, Benjamin, Natalie, Gabe, Emma and Charlie – tackled the Spiders Web, a low ropes course, a treacherous river crossing and the construction and launch of a homemade raft.

From working as a pair to tie shoelaces one-handed to physically helping each other cross an assault course, the students had to approach each activity with maturity, professionalism and unity, in order to succeed in the challenges.

John from BF said to the group at the end of the day: “It has been a genuine pleasure to watch you all arrive as relative strangers, find your voices, come together as a team to take on these challenges… and leave as friends. You’re an exceptional group of young people who have done the school proud and I am sure this is going to be a fantastic year for you all.”

The Academy Council will now meet once a fortnight to discuss issues students may have around school, working with the local community and organising the year’s fundraising schedule.

See more pictures from the day in our gallery.

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