Academy Council Blog: December 2016

Natalie, Gabe and Charlie from Year 11 have put together the Academy Council’s first ever blog! They’ll be keeping you up to date with all their meetings, news and progress with our chosen charities over the course of the year.

The Academy Council has had a busy Autumn Term! So far, we have been focused on our chosen charities: Project 3580 and The Invictus Trust. Both charities raise important issues that we feel are vital to support.

The Invictus Trust

The Invictus Trust is a fund created and run in Truro by the Cowburn family, who tragically lost their teenage son Ben in 2010 after he battled mental health problems. The Invictus Trust has a simple aim: to offer local services to support young people experiencing mental health issues.

At Penrice, we understand how fundamental these services are for supporting young people with mental health problems and this year the council is committed to raising as much money as we can to help fund a new facility in Cornwall that provides local care for young people experiencing mental health problems.

Some of the money raised could also be used to aid families whose children are seeking treatment out of the county; the separation between families and their children is understandably very stressful and visitations can be sparse due to expenses. It costs £500 to enable a family to visit their child during treatment up-country; this is something that Penrice can collectively raise with the help of our community.

In support of the Invictus Trust we have organised a non-uniform day next  Friday the 9th of December where we will also be selling Invictus merchandise for all students. This year’s Christmas Card, designed by the incredibly talented Jaz Wrighton, will also be available to buy, and all money donated will go to Invictus.

Project 3580

We are also supporting Project 3580 until the end of 2017. This organisation was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to improving the lives of the people living in the Kissi Town Refugee Camp in Sierra Leone.

The charity is named Project 3580 after the number of children under 10 years old who died of Malaria during the charity’s first lot of work there: 3580 children. Between January and April Penrice is determined to raise an ultimate goal of 70 million Leones in aid of education, health care and food sources in the camp.

Then, at the end of 2017 we hope to send a shipping container filled with donations to Kissi Town.

Project 3580 is a cause that the Council is very passionate about and we are very excited to support this charity. We are in the process of organising multiple events including a 24-hour challenge and we are hoping to involve local business and primary schools and seek the support of friends and family. The charity will be launched at the beginning of next term following Mr. Knipe’s introduction of the cause during assemblies so watch out for more!

We would also like to thank all the visitors who have met with the Council this term and provided information and advice.

Natalie Pramuk, Gabe Connolly and Charlie Monk.

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