Somerset Trampoline Competition

Last term, Owain Brociner-Allen from Year 11 took part in a regional trampoline competition in Somerset, competing against a range of ages and experiences.

Owain told us all about it.

“It was fantastic; I went to Somerset and took part in a completion representing the school – any age could apply but I was competing in the 15-18 category.”

What was it like competing against students older than yourself?

“It was quite daunting! However, I went in optimistic and as confident as possible, even though I was competing in front of crowds of parents and other students. You just have to remember that everyone gets nervous.”

What was your routine like?

“I remember my routine well! It involved a back somersault straight, followed by a straddle, seat landing, half twist to seat landing, half twist out, pike jump, back somersault, Barani, tuck and a somersault.”

How often do you train?

I train 3 and a half hours a week! It’s not too tiring – it’s very different to how people would see it. A lot of moves you have to land in certain ways rather than physically exert yourself.

What do you like about the sport?

I’ve been trampolining for 4 years now and I really enjoy it. Being in the air – there’s nothing like it that I’ve done before and it’s a great feeling. I’m definitely going to keep it up and enter more competitions in the future.

What was your favourite part of the competition last term?

I really enjoyed the whole thing but definitely competing against older and more experienced students and doing really well – that is a great feeling.