£16,500 for #Penrice3580

24 hours of Sport sees fundraising term for #Penrice3580 end on a high


From 1pm Thursday 23rd March until 1pm Friday 24th March, 33 Year 11s at Penrice Academy played 24 hours’ worth of sport, in aid of the school’s International Charity Project, #Penrice3580.

The event was the culmination of 8 weeks of whole-school fundraising for children in Kissi Town, Sierra Leone, working closely with Project 3580. At time of writing the Penrice Community has raised around £16,500 in just 8 weeks.

The money raised will now be used to fund the shipping of a container full of toys, books, clothes and medical equipment, to the children of Kissi Town.

Mr Chris Knipe, Assistant Principal and Charity Lead for Project 3580 at Penrice, said: “This project, since it began in January, has captured the kind hearts and imagination of every student at Penrice and I could not be more proud or inspired by the passion and selflessness our students have shown.”

The 24 Hour event, organised entirely by Year 11 and led by Academy Council Reps and Head Students Gabe Connolly and Natalie Pramuk, featured an eclectic mix of sports from dodgeball, netball and football to table tennis, street hockey and badminton. There was even a mass delivery of pizza on the house from Dominoes St Austell to keep them going through the night.

The event ended with a final fitness rowing challenge in the hall the following lunchtime, with an audience of hundreds cheering the final few minutes.

Natalie Pramuk, Head Girl, said the night ‘could not have gone any better’.

“Everyone put everything they had into the 24 hours – obviously it was hard, it’s a challenge, but it’s an important cause that changes lives and it feels fantastic to have completed it.”

“We couldn’t have done it without the support of staff at Penrice, our families and the local community – all their advice, donations, and help to share the message has made all the difference.”

The spring term also saw 700 students take part in a Fun Run, at which £12,000 of the total was raised, with students bringing in their own pocket money as well as sponsorship. The Fun Run formed part of a news package created by BBC School Reporters for BBC Spotlight – with an exclusive interview with Children in Kissi Town – in which Gabe spoke of his pride to be part of the project.

He said: “It’s been an incredible experience and, as our time at Penrice comes to an end, I am so proud to call it our legacy. Thank you to everyone who has embraced this project – you are changing lives in Sierra Leone. We can’t wait to get that container on its way.”

Penrice Academy Council Brings School Together for Charity Week


Every year, the Penrice Academy student council, made up of two reps from each year, lead the school’s Charity Week. Years 7-11 take responsibility for a day each, with each year group planning exciting and innovative ways to fundraise.

For 2017’s #Penrice3580 effort, Year 7 started the week  with a Spring Fair, with 10 stalls selling everything from homemade jewellery and pom-poms to sweets and cupcakes, as well a ‘Name the Bear’ competition.

Kirsty Taylor, Head of Year 7, said: “Year 7 have made an amazing contribution to the Penrice Community and the project in such a short space of time. They have thrown themselves into supporting #Penrice3580 in so many ways. Our Spring Fair was a great success and one of our Year 7s in in the top ten highest fundraisers for the Sponsored Run.  I can’t wait to see what this year group achieve over the next 4 years at Penrice Academy.”

Year 8’s artistically inventive idea saw them make a 3580 mural from donated coins with help from the Art Department. Year 9 brought the fun with their midweek sponsored Photo Booth, and Year 10 auctioned their own ‘showstopper’ cakes, complete with Project 3580 icing. In total, Charity Week – completed by a non-uniform day on Friday – brought in a further £3974.

Charlie Monk, Deputy Head Boy and Academy Council member, said: “It’s been a real pleasure working alongside reps of all ages on this project and proving what we can do if we all come together – we’ve really learnt from each other, we’ve bonded, and hopefully have inspired future students on the Council to do the same.”

Fundraising for #Penrice3580 has come to an end but Penrice Academy is still collecting to fill their container, which will be a gift from Cornwall as much as it is from Penrice.

Sierra Leonean School Plaque for High Earners

Ten students from Penrice Academy will have their names forever on the walls of a school in Kissi Town, Sierra Leone, when teachers take over a plaque commemorating their fantastic efforts fundraising for the school’s charity project.

Between them Cosmin Encuta from Year 7, Elizabeth Allen and Isobelle Snelgrove-Chandler from Year 8, Ewan Ross and Casey Netherton from Year 9, Ellie Bridger and Bryn Wallis from Year 10 and Lauren Knight from Year 11 raised £1560 for Project 3580, which will go towards furnishing and refurbishment of a school in Kissi Town.

Bryn Wallis, 15, organised a cake sale through his family’s business Kernow Kakery, who generously donated hundreds of cupcakes to be sold at school. His cake sale alone raised an incredible £250 in just 30 minutes.

He said: “When I spoke to my family about the project they were really keen to help out . A cupcake sale is a great way to drum up excitement over lunch, get conversations started about the charity and support a local business, all at the same time.”

The plaque will now be sent to Kissi Town with Penrice Academy staff to be presented to the school the project is helping.

Penrice Staff to Visit Kissi Town


Following an incredibly successful term of fundraising which has brought the whole school together, three members of staff from Penrice Academy are set to visit Kissi Town, to meet the children #Penrice3580 is supporting.

English Teachers Paul Johnson and Jade Cox and Assistant Principal Chris Knipe are set to travel to Kissi Town in April, to take word of Penrice’s charity efforts and to take along donations and messages from the children at Penrice.

Paul said: “This has been a really special thing to watch grow from an idea, to something that is actually going to have an impact on the lives of hundreds of children.  I’m really excited to be able to present them with things like footballs and toys, which will ultimately change their lives.”

Paul, Jade and Chris will also be finding out from the community what else they could benefit from the shipping container and will be passing on letters from Penrice students.