Young Enterprise

Before the Easter break, the Young Enterprise team attended the Saturday Spring Fair in Falmouth, with the aim of selling products they had created at school. 

Year 11s Sam Arnold-Parra, Louis Lob, Stephen Bartlett, Ellie Taylor and Lewis Jackson, aka Strive Cornwall, sold plaques with phrases written in the Cornish language, made by using the laser cutter and other equipment in school. This was the second Young Enterprise project the team has taken on, following the hugely successful Christmas Fair.

Ellie Taylor, Managing Director of Strive, said: “We liked the idea of the Cornish theme. It’s a way of educating people of Cornish language and heritage. We initially thought of making personalised gifts but it seemed a bit specific, so this way the product can appeal to tourists too. It’s been a really interesting experience and so helpful for the future, whatever we do.”

The team, which also included Stephanie-Grace Hill, Megan Garrett, Aimee Rickson, Emma Bull and Jack Farley, sold ‘shares’ to family and friends, in order to raise money for materials and generate business.

Mr Adams said: “The Penrice team were fantastic as always. It was great to see the progression they have made – particularly in terms of their confidence and sales skills in talking to members of the public. I have left it to the team to calculate the finances, but it looks like a profit of over £30 has been made.”

There are a few items left, so the team will now look to set up a stall in school to make the plaques available to the school community.