Year 9 Designers Judged by Barclays Bank

Students in the Year 9 Product Design Option have spent the last 10 weeks researching, designing and prototyping a piece of flat packed furniture aimed at University students.

The brief was set and supported by Barclays Bank in St Austell, who also periodically visited the students to cover business, profit margin and budgeting skills within the project.

The product Design teachers, Mr Kennedy, Mrs Lewis and Mr Watson have supported students during their lessons in what has been the equivalent of 48 hours’ worth of work – something that mirrored the time given by Sir Alan Sugar in an episode of The Apprentice, which was the inspiration for the project.

Students have been working in teams throughout, developing a portfolio of evidence that was submitted along with a final prototype of their work. These were judged by Barclays Bank and a prize awarded to the group who covered a specific set of criteria the best. All three teachers have expressed how impressed they have been by all groups who submitted work and also the closeness of the competition; the winners clinching the top spot by only 1 point.

The winning team, made up of Shannon White, Hannah Knight, Zion Packer-Moone and Rowan Bickerdike – pictured above with Mrs Sonia Bass of Barclays Bank – won the competition with 38 out of 40 points. Mrs Bass said: “The judges have all been so impressed with all entries, the professionalism and dedication shown by the students and also the behaviour when visiting during the taught sessions. I am delighted with all the prototypes – in particular the quality in such a short amount of time!”