Year 7 Trip to Wheal Martyn

On Monday 15th June, Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Baker took a group of Year 7s to Wheal Martyn for the day to find out all about China Clay; how it’s made, what products we find it in and how the discovery of China Clay has changed our local area. 

The day started with an outdoor tour of Wheal Martyn, where students learnt about the process of mining China Clay, with an opportunity to look over the mining pit. They then took part in a clay modelling session, creating models of things they were inspired by during the tour.

Mrs Lawrence said: “It was a brilliant sunny day out where students were able to learn and engage with their local area and learn about the impact the industry has had on Cornwall. They were fascinated to discover the amount of products China Clay was found in – such as toothpaste, paper and make up!”