Year 6 Printmaking Workshop

This week, pupils from Mount Charles, St Mawes and Pondhu Primary School visited Penrice Academy for a Printmaking Workshop. They learnt a number of techniques including the Reduction Method and the Addition Method of printing, using various types of paper and colours.

Mrs Menear, Year 6 Teaching Assistant at Pondhu, said: “It’s lovely to see them so engrossed in what they’re doing. It’s obvious they really enjoy this opportunity. The feedback is excellent – Carlotta and Jordan have just said much they enjoy learning about the different textures and colours and they’re so proud of the new techniques they’ve picked up.”

Pondhu student Ben, who’s 11, explained how he designed his own drawing of an animal with different heads and bodies, pressing hard to create patterns. He loved designing something original: “I hardly ever do art at home,” he explained. “I play on the Xbox a lot after school, but after today I really want to do more art instead. It’s brilliant!”

There are more workshops coming this year, aimed at teaching visiting pupils new processes and techniques each time .It’s hoped the workshops will help continue to strengthen Penrice Academy’s relationship with local Primary schools, and to inspire local Year 6s to develop their artistic talent.