We take great pride in the smart appearance of our students.

  • The school tie, jumper and skirt can only be purchased from Cornwall Screenprint. Alternatives are not acceptable as uniform.
  • The PE kit can only be purchased from Cornwall Screenprint.
  • Shoes must be black and able to be polished. Trainers, skate shoes, ankle boots, canvas shoes or items with logos of any kind cannot be worn. Socks must be black.
  • Trousers must be black or dark grey, tailored and of a style suitable for school. Very tight drainpipe trousers, canvas trousers, stretch trousers or jeans are not acceptable.
  • Shirts for both boys and girls must be able to be buttoned to the top with either long or short sleeves and able to be tucked in. Tight fitted shirts with three quarter length sleeves are not acceptable.
  • Facial piercings of any kind including tongue piercings are not acceptable. One pair of earrings of a plain stud or sleeper type is allowed in the ear lobe only. Ear ‘stretchers’ are not permitted.

The Penrice Blazer

The Penrice blazer was introduced in September last year for Year 7 students, at the request of students. Our Year 7s have been widely praised for how smart they look. With the exception of those currently in Year 10, all students will be required to wear blazers from September 2015. The jumper will become an optional item, but students may wear both the jumper and blazer if they wish.

Cornwall Screenprint hold a stock of our blazers in the full size range. We would suggest that you buy a size slightly bigger than required so that it lasts longer.

Our uniform requirements are also published in the student planners. Please contact your child’s tutor if you have any queries.