Trip to the Eden Project

On Thursday 5th June, students visited the Eden Project to take part in an English workshop called ‘Quite Write’ The aim was to work in teams to create an event that would bring young people to visit Eden. Abi Tamblyn from 9AJ, explains all…

“Went to the Eden Project to complete We were asked to complete a task, wherein we had to plan an event that could take place at a location in Eden to. My team chose to organise a sleepover for all ages in the Mediterranean biome. We had to produce a presentation, a radio advert, a Facebook page, and a press release. We developed English skills, particularly persuasive language, to produce a successful presentation. We were working in mixed teams, with people we did not previously know.

I really enjoyed exploring my location in order to brainstorm suitable ideas working in a new team with people that I did not previously know. It challenged me to think of original ideas, and use English skills to enhance my work. I have now considered applying for a work experience placement at the Cornish Guardian, as it seemed very appealing. I am more open to a career in journalism, as it seems very interesting and intriguing. I also improved my teamwork and leadership skills, which is very useful as I would like to be a teacher in the future.”

“I have learnt the importance of plants in our day to day life and the trip increased my interest in event planning as we worked to create, plan and present an event to a deadline, and I may try to look more into this type of career in the future. As well as this, I enjoyed having the opportunity to explore the Eden Project freely!” (Megan Payne, 8EC)

I enjoyed creating a new event for people my age because it meant I could basically create an event that I would love to be a real thing! I enjoyed working with other people that I’ve never worked with before because I was shown new ideas and new ways of writing to persuade. I think I will be a lot more confident as today I really had to put myself forward, being one of the oldest in my group, to make the others feel comfortable and share ideas.”  (Aliyah Nelson, 9AB)