The Wizard of Oz: Review

Review by Alice Walmsley and Evie Neale

The Wizard of Oz is a magical play full of hope, love, courage and wisdom and the cast at Penrice Academy did not fail to pull off the full range of emotion and passion in their new production.

The main characters were played fluently, showing excellent characteristics, taking the songs from the original production. Dorothy was played by two young ladies from the school, Daisy Devlin in Year 8 on the Thursday and Maddie Wood in Year 10, on the Wednesday and the Friday. Daisy also performed in the matinée on the Wednesday morning.

The show started in a clever way; while the audience purchased refreshments and took their seats before the play, the cast moved around on stage, going about their day to day jobs of the character they were playing, with natural sound effects playing in the background. Once the show started, safety precautions were read out to the audience swiftly and the show quickly began.

The singing was outstanding and the audience went wild at each scene.

The story flowed well with original parts from the play, songs were sung beautifully – and not forgetting the music came straight from the live school orchestra which added a real home-made touch to the play. The special effects were very magical; for example, when the good witch casts the snow storm on the poppies, it was clever and added  laughter to the play. The children of the audience were enthralled when the Munchkins threw glitter and sweets.

In all The Wizard of Oz was truly amazing, filled with power and emotion. Each actor/actress was chosen perfectly for each role – a lot of hard work was put into this and it showed. The singing was outstanding and the audience went wild at each ending scene. The costumes were tremendous and portrayed each character perfectly.  Everyone will agree – we are looking forward to further productions created by Penrice Academy!

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You can see more pictures from the performances in our gallery.