Ten Tors

35 Mile Ten Tors 2018 – Programme Information and Updates (Years 9 and 10)
Upwards of 40 applications have collected and read through. Students have done well at expressing their reasons for wanting to do Ten Tors and the qualities they could bring to teams. It is good to see so much interest and the wide variety of past experience that applicants are bringing. It should be a good year.

Consent forms and slips and payments need to be returned by dates specified in letters distributed. Late returns may prevent students from being allowed to attend training events. Students must take responsibility for reminding and chasing up parents. Organisation and responsibility forms part of the team selection criteria.

We only have the staffing and resources to train and support two 35 mile teams. Event organisers would not allocate us more teams than this anyway. There will be a total of 12 spaces available; 6 on each of the two teams.

It is likely that there will be an A Team and a B Team. A Team might be for those who want to push as hard as they can and go for a fast time, and B Team for those who just want to complete the Challenge. Other options can be considered.

If year 10 students demonstrate commitment throughout training and we feel they are capable of completing the Challenge, they will be given selection priority. Year 9 students will be able to apply for Ten Tors 2019 the following year. (Last year the same approach was taken, but four year 9 students did still get selected to the team).


NOTE: 45 mile Ten Tors – more info to follow soon. First date possibly 9th December but yet to be confirmed.

Schedule changes

Apologies. Due to a recent problem with one of school minibuses we have decided to cancel the Ten Tors event for the Year 10s this Saturday (4th November).

However the event will still be on for Year 9. All students should still come to the meeting after school this Friday.

The event on the 18th will be cancelled for Year 9s, and will be at Minions again with the Year 10s only.

In some ways this will work better than the original plan as staff will be better able to give individually focussed navigation coaching to students in the early stages.

Those Year 10s who have already paid for Saturday 4th will have their payments transferred to the next event they attend.

We will look into whether it is possible to schedule an extra training day in December or January to make up for the missed ones.

Mr de Villiers