Student Artwork for Charlie Hebdo

Students in Year 10 at Penrice Academy have finished their artwork symbolising the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo in Paris earlier this month.

The day after news came of the shootings on 7th January 2015, students came together in assembly to think about freedom of speech, religion and free press. The assembly was followed by an act of tribute by way of a ‘pencil amnesty’.

Jason Wood, Head of Year 10 at Penrice Academy, said: “As head of year I was inspired by the solemn way in which 270 students formed a queue and donated their pencil or pen in total silence.”

The pencils were then collated in the art department and six students – Marissa McCormack, Connor Bolt, Sam Kendall, Olivia Rootes, Toni Miller and Casey Deller – set to work for two nights after school making an instalment symbolising the tragedy. They were led by Penrice Art Department staff Vicky Toms, Rachel Jakeman and Donna Hawkshaw.

Mr Wood continued: “I have been deeply touched by the year group’s thoughtful response and donations and in particular by the talent of the Year 10 volunteer art students. There is now opportunity for other year groups to add their own personal message.”