Singing Lessons at Penrice

Singing lessons take place on Wednesday mornings and are run by Mrs Tracey Bailey, a peripatetic singing teacher who offers lessons in Cornwall for children from ages 8-18.

Mrs Bailey said: “It’s important that people know you can have singing lessons at school and it can be a huge part of a students’ school life – there’s so much to learn!”

During their lessons, students learn and practice various techniques, working on breathing exercises and air flow, body position and scales. This week saw Bella and Lucy practicing their ‘bubbling’ – an extremely popular warm up technique.

Mr Jones said: “Tracey is a great singing teacher who works with the students to sing with a full sound and in harmony with the others in the group. She really encourages them to sing musically and to listen to how their part fits in with everyone else’s. These singing lessons are a great opportunity and I’d like to see more students learning.”

Lessons are available to all students. Forms are available from the music block or art office at breaks and lunchtimes.

Pictured: Mrs Bailey with Bella Taylor, Year 7 and Lucy Gard from Year 9