Science Immersion Day

Last week, Year 10 immersed themselves in a range of science activities testing the skills they’ve learned throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The experiments included testing sports drinks, making chemical reactions happen after exactly minute using different concentrations of chemicals, creating rockets, working on a crime scene and finding out how much metal can be extracted using electrolysis.

Science Teacher Mrs McGee, who organised the event, said: “The day follows the success of last year’s Immersion Day with Plymouth University. This time, all Year 10 students had the opportunity to take part in these enrichment activities and it was a great success. The students really got into the spirit and got a taste of the variety of things that Science can be used for.”

George Tregilgas and Fraser Nottle both agreed on the day’s huge success: “It’s been a really interesting day and so varied to what we usually do,” they said. “It’s a great way to learn more about science and what the subject can do for us in the future.”

The day ended with a prize-giving ceremony in the hall, at which 10PJ were awarded first prize for a brilliant overall score of 4410. Mrs McGee said: “The students applied their science skills to a range of challenges – from accurate measurement to problem solving through to observation skills. It’s important that they see the scope of Science outside of the classroom.”

 Pictured: George, Fraser and Luke from 10JO