We have a dedicated Safeguarding team who work every day to ensure students at Penrice Academy are happy, healthy and enjoying their school experience.

Penrice Academy Safeguarding Team

Kay Adams – Designated Safeguarding Lead and Senior Vice Principal (

Roger Larham – Cover Designated Safeguarding Lead and Teacher of Children in Care (

Martin Carter – Safeguarding Team (

Abby Macdonald – Safeguarding Team (

Lynne Gouldsmith – Safeguarding Team (

Victoria Morrish – Safeguarding Team (

NSPCC – Keeping Children Safe

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Resources to download

Anti-Bullying Policy 2018 Children in Care Policy 2017 Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2017 Drugs - Substance Misuse Policy 2017 FGM Policy 2017 Guidance for Safe Working Practice Policy 2017 IT Policy - Acceptable Use - Staff or Volunteer 2017 Missing Student Policy 2017 Online Safety Policy 2017 Physical Restraint Policy 2017 Peer on Peer Policy 2018 Self Harm Policy 2017 Tackling Extremism & Radicalisation Policy 2017 Transgender Policy 2017 Visitor Policy for Visitors & Staff 2017 Whistle Blowing Policy 2017 Young Carers Policy 2017 Social Media APP Bulletin Parent Guide: Sexual Exploitation Sexual Exploitation Leaflet Parent Guide: Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Sexting Policy 2018 Parent Guide: Sexting Parent Guide: How Can You Safeguard Children From Sexting eSafety Factsheet Lily Project FGM leaflet Keeping Children Safe Leaflet Youth Kernow - Savvy Information on Self Harm 1 Youth Kernow - Savvy Information on Self Harm 2 Youth Kernow - Savvy Information on Self Harm 3 Youth Kernow - Savvy Information on Self Harm 4 Youth Kernow - Savvy Information on Self Harm 5 Youth Kernow - Savvy Information on Self Harm 6 Youth Kernow - Savvy Information on Self Harm 7 Tutor Time Manchester and London Presentation Chelsea's Choice Leaflet Drowning Prevention Strategy - Information Drowning Prevention Strategy - Letter Drowning Prevention Strategy - Leaflet Cover Drowning Prevention Strategy - Leaflet Information Drown Prevention Strategy - Information Leaflet for Professionals - CSE Preventing Terrorism and Radicalisation Safer Cornwall Prevent Leaflet Anti Bullying Week 2016 Tips for Parents Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 Keeping Kids Safe Online - NSPCC CSE Social Media Library Parents Pack - What's the Problem? Penrice Academy Accessibility Plan Parental Agreement Form - Administration of Medicine 2017